In 1949, Henk Verbiest first proposed the concept of stenosis in spinal canal, lumbar intervertebral foramen; that is, lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) 1) 2).

Jean Talairach, a psychiatrist who eventually trained as a neurosurgeon, was the first to describe anterior capsulotomy in 1949.

In 1949, Lars Leksell developed his Arc Centered Stereotactic Frame based on Polar coordinate system.

At the first post-war International Congress of Neurology in Paris, 1949, Alfonso Asenjo, from Chile, arranged for a meeting with a group of neurosurgeons in order to discuss how neurosurgery might present itself at international congresses in the future. In the end of a deliberate discussion it was decided to participate as a separate group.

The treatment of colloid cysts has evolved rapidly since the first successful excision of a colloid cyst via the transcortical transventricular approach by Walter Dandy in 1921 3). This was followed closely by a transcallosal approach by Greenwood in 1949 4).

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